A Walk in the Park | Maudslay State Park Family Photos

As mini sessions approach this fall I feel like its a fantastic time to share this gorgeous family photo shoot that happened this past spring. I am the worst at blogging, have I mentioned that recently? Better late than never!

What I love about Maudslay is that there are so many adorable little parts of that park. You can, and I have, gotten lost walking around there, in fact I don’t even think i’ve seen the whole park. Apparently there’s a rose garden somewhere. Never seen it.

Anyways… I love seeing families grow each year, and this one happens to be one of my faves! Zoë and my small human Wyatt are pretty close in age. Three is by far my favorite and least favorite age. So smart so interested in so many things, and so many boundaries to push. We’ve had a run over here at the Merrifield household, it is always nice to see other small humans in the same age range to remind me of how quickly it goes by and how sweet as pie these kiddos are.

So take a walk with me and the fabulous Dexter family through Maudslay State Park one warm summer evening. We see cows, we play with dandelions, and we find a birds nest! Can’t get much more exciting than that!

am <3

Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1848.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1829.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1887.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1822.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1863.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1893.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1904.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1947.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1949.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2016.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2205.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2096.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2243.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-1903.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2166.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2158.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2289.jpg
Maudslay State Park Family Photography-2292.jpg

Newburyport Backyard Wedding | Andrew and Bryanna's beautiful Labor Day weekend wedding

One thing you should never do is underestimate how much work it takes to put together a backyard wedding. When my husband and I first were engaged I briefly thought of how lovely it would be to have a small gathering in my parents back yard, but holy moly as soon as I started to piece parts together I soon realized I was way over my head. That being said, Bryanna deserves some sort of medal for throwing this party together at her parents home in, I believe, six weeks. Six. And boy they couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day full of family and friends.

The air was crisp and cool and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. The perfect late summer day, really. Andrew and Bryanna met while working at Ceia in Newburyport. So having the ceremony in town was one of their prerequisites. Hale Memorial Park was just the perfect location for them to say their vows in front of their immediate family. I have said it before in previous blog posts, such an underrated little hidden gem of a park. The ocean, and the park itself are so wonderfully taken care of. After a quick ceremony, we headed over to Ceia to take some pictures by the Coca-Cola wall, bringing everything full circle, which I love.

Part of the advantage of living around this area for such a long time is knowing these gorgeous little spots for pictures. So after a quick pop in to their home to take some shots with their cat (because #catparents), we headed towards Rowley stopping at a few spots overlooking the beautiful marshland to take some portraits.

The rest of the guests were arriving as the couple made their way to Bryanna’s family’s home, and the whole yard was done up with adorable signs, tents and twinkle lights. The food was flipping amazing, I might add. Such a fantastic bonus of working with chefs, amazingly delicious meals!

It takes a village, that’s for sure. And by the looks of it these two are surrounded by amazing friends and family who absolutely adore them!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Beddeos, cheers to you!

AM <3

Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-9.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-4.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-5.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-11.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-14.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-20.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-16.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-19.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-23.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-22.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-25.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-26.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-29.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-28.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-31.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-32.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-35.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-36.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-39.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-40.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-42.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-46.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-47.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-48.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-50.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-54.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-56.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-57.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-4.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-3-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-2-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-4-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-2-3.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-5-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-6-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-7-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-8-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-10-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-12-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-14-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-11-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-16-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-15-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-18-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-25-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-26-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-16.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-15.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-19-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-28-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-59.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-63.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-5.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-62.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-14.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-10.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-11.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-6.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-66.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-12.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-71.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-24-2.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-1-7.jpg
Newburyport Wedding Photographer-75.jpg

Newburyport Maternity Photography | Plum Island Sunset

Well well well … behind again in blogging what a surprise!

It has been a bit of a bananas time over here the past few weeks— that has resulted in the cutest and newest member of our family to be born! So now that I am not massively pregnant in 90 degree heat and humidity- I figured it was a good time to start playing catch up with some really gorgeous pictures.

First up: Baby Bump!

Fasha and Mike are expecting their first little human, a girl, later this summer- and to celebrate that exciting time we hopped out to Plum Island in Newbury, MA for a late afternoon photo shoot. The greenheads were no where to be found, the day was warm but not oppressive, and that beautiful blue ocean glow and Fasha’s gorgeous red dress were delicious to look at. I love color, oh do I love it, and these photos are just so summer in New England to me. Bright sunshine, yummy colors, and of course cute little baby bump!

Horray for summer! Horray for babies!

Congrats ahead of time Fasha and Mike, being parents is just the best!

Create and Inspire | Boston Elopement Photography | Styled Shoot

I always feel like stepping out of your wheel house and trying something new can only help move things forward. So when I found out about this styled wedding shoot that was taking place at The Tannery Loft in Norwood, MA- I jumped at the opportunity to drive a solid hour and try something completely and totally different.

And boy was that exciting!

The whole day was put together by Sam from Samantha Margaret Photography, and she was able to pull from some really amazing vendors. From gorgeous florals by Sarah’s Florals, to the bomb dress, a Lazaro gown by Tara Keely provided by Flair Boston. The color palate was light and muted with a fun boho vibe and some really gorgeous details- really just beautifully put together. The location, The Tannery Loft, is full of wonderful huge windows that have been treated to give the whole space this beautiful light- even on a rainy gray day like that day was. I can’t recommend it enough and I feel like next winter I might have to try some studio portrait mini sessions- as I am just obsessed!

Again, this was such a fun experience. Watching the other girls in action and seeing their final edits was also great. It’s amazing to see everyones details and takes on the whole day. I’ve loved it!

Stay tuned for blog part two- the second part of this shoot- a fun boho portrait session!

Also- I have one elopement scheduled for the fall… so maybe we’re sliding in this direction a bit! Wedding’s and elopements 2020? Why the hell not!

<3 AM

Styled by Samantha Margaret Photography

Venue: The Tannery Loft in Norwood, MA

Florals: Sarah’s Floral Design - Quincy, MA

Cake: Baked Hometown

Invitations: Kokomo Creative

Makeup: Aura Lash and Beauty by Marissa MacPherson

Hair: Rachel Araujo

Dress: Lazaro by Tara Keely on loan from Flare Boston

Ring: Opal and June

Models: Michelle and Johnathan Schiripo

Georgetown and West Newbury Maternity Photography | Dillon Twins!

Oooooooooooooh twins!

There are many many people excited to see these tiny humans arrive, and the Dillon family is as prepared as any can be for the arrival of these little people. Most excitingly, and bravely in my opinion, they haven’t found out the genders. Four names people! They’ve come up with four names!! We took forever to pick Wyatt’s name, and the only reason we have a name for baby girl is because Wyatt told us to stop discussing names, told us her name, and then told everyone he knows what the babes name is. Kids, man.

Jordan looked completely gorgeous and calm for both of these shoots, an identical twin herself, she is no stranger to the amazing bond twins hold and how special it is for her to be carrying two of her own. We scheduled these two sessions about a week apart, and I swear those little babes doubled down in size between weeks! Jordan and Sean both come from wonderful family oriented homes, there is no doubt that these babies are going to be loved and cuddled and snuggled endlessly.

Congrats Dillon family, you’re almost at the finish line. Bring on the babies!!

<3 am

Sweet Baby Beckett | South Boston Newborn Photography

Is it me or has this winter been particularly rough?! I am definitely excited that it hasn’t been insanely snowy, but the freezing cold is not my jam. Between that and the toddler born illnesses- I am ready for some sunshine, some heat, and a slight tan!

Well enough of my complaining and on to cuter things…

Sweet little Beckett was one of the more alert two week old babes I have encountered. Reminded me of my own little fella- always up and looking around. Didn’t want to miss a minute of what Mom and Dad were doing. He was so patient and chill through all the position and wardrobe changes- and when his parents took turns reading to him, he genuinely and happily looked along as they read. Beckett’s bedroom was the bomb, so full of light and tons of space for him to play around when he gets bigger! I hadn’t been down to South Boston in a hot minute, and I forgot how tight knit those communities are. So many fantastic resources for new families, and so many adorable little areas to explore once the snow melts!

The thing I really love about newborn sessions is the time aspect. They can fly by or, like with Mr. Beckett, we slowed down for fussy times, wardrobe changes, and to nurse. All and all, not a bad way to spend a particularly freezing Monday!

Jodi and Paul, you guys are lucky ducks. He is one adorable and chill little man!



Cousins are the best | Fun at White Gate Christmas Tree Farm in West Newbury, MA

I’m still feeling that holiday afterglow this week. Short work week, tree still up keeping my house all glowey. Toys absolutely everywhere. In every corner. Under the tree. Under the coffee table. Evvvverrryyywhere. I have a running to do list of people to get back to, galleries to finish, and the satisfaction of crossing those items off make me so happy. So, with out further ado: one more adorable session to cross of my list of things to blog! Waahoo!

The holidays are all about family. Seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, getting all the cousins together to cause some chaos was always one of my favorite holiday memories. We always spent Christmas Eve at my Abuelita’s in Malden- her huge 3 decker house packed full of family and food. My Abuelita was an amazing cook and her spread was always inspired by her love of all things gorgeous, and Martha Stuart of course.

When I was contacted about shooting this extended family, I was so excited- yet heard my own Mom’s words in my head… “When are you going to take the kids pictures AMANDA!” I’ll get to that later. Don’t worry, we made Mahm very happy this Christmas. So to get another request for harnessing the energy of 5 gorgeous little wildlings in photograph form, I was so pumped. Kids at Christmas. Is there anything better? These guys were beyond adorable and hilarious with each other. They cheered on their cousins during their solo shots, they ran and played and yelled and danced. It was truly one of my favorite moments of this chaotic holiday season.

So without further rambling: enjoy these sweet humans, because I sure did!



First Snow in New England | West Newbury Lifestyle Photography

Oh… I just love these humans so much!

The first snow came early this year- just in time for some beautiful holiday card photo shoots at White Gate Christmas Tree Farm in West Newbury, MA. One of my favorite families braved the bitter cold in their super adorable Christmas outfits for some snow fun. This time around my little buddy Grant was not amused, which made for some hilarious photos that I am positive will be brought back out when Grant brings his first girlfriend home. Genuinely bent out of shape and pretty much unwilling to participate. Nothing quite like a cranky toddler being bribed with goldfish to lift your holiday spirits! Avery on the other hand, ham of hams, was ready to rock and roll as usual. Such is life with kids- it can’t be cupcakes and roses 100% of the time, can it?

The pop of red against the snow and the beautiful green trees- such a festive and gorgeous color palate. Such a great example of shooting in the cold winter months. Our summers are so brief around here these days- it makes me happy to find such beauty in the frigid temps.

2018 has been such a fantastic year, stay tuned for some fun new website updates as well as offerings for 2019!!



Natick MA Lifestyle Newborn Photography | My morning with Siena

Remember how warm it was a few weeks ago? And now I am hiding under a rather large (and hand-made) Hello Kitty blanket wishing for an extra 10 degrees. Regardless, fall is winding down, the leaves are covering my yard and sweater weather is in full swing.

This glorious day was sunny, crisp and warm. The perfect fall day, really. Siena and her family were so freaking cute- Siena being the first baby in a long time to actually take a snooze during her photo shoot!
I love so much about this shoot- this family and their gorgeous light filled home, the wildly fantastic Goldendoodle Barney, and the subtle little tributes scattered throughout their home of their so beloved Golden Desmond who had recently passed away. As a Golden Retriever fanatic myself- who also lost the doggy love of her life to cancer- I felt their pain but also understood the need to sprinkle the love that they felt for this pup throughout the photos.

The morning was full of feedings, poopings, wardrobe changes, and everyones favorite wicker basket. Added bonus- A hilarious onesie via the Rick and Morty show… but you’ll just have to find that yourself!

Congrats again Cimino family. Enjoy every minute!



Harraseeket River Maine Photographs | September Maine Adventure

OH man… what ever did we do before AirBnb’s?! I can’t believe how many countless dollars were spent on crummy hotel rooms with windows overlooking parking lots. I can’t take credit for finding this gorgeous spot in Maine, as my friend Anna is not only an avid traveler but maybe one of the most in-depth planner I think i’ve ever known. So thank you Anna for finding this gem!

One of the key ingredients of planning a girls weekend, in my opinion, is finding a spot that is not only adorable but not one hell of a drive. Especially now having a small human to watch over - being able to go away and unplug without having to drive over three hours is maybe the most enticing part. Not that I don’t enjoy the car silence, but lets hurry up and get there already! And open up the wine! Wahoo.

Our weekend was classic Maine. Beautiful and sunny for our arrival and then foggy AF for pretty much the remainder of the weekend. The fog varied from “ooh look at that cool mist over the water” to “where the hell is the road.”

From Brunswick, we headed further north through Harpswell onto Orr’s Island… where we saw even less. We were rolling down the winding roads, which typically have gorgeous water views, and we could hardly see the houses! The end of Orr’s Island, typically a breathtaking view of the ocean was maybe visible 20 feet out. DOH. Well, it was a nice drive and a nice excuse to sing loudly to Arcade Fire. Added bonus- we found a place on the way back called Morses Cribstone Grill hat had lobster bloody marys!!! LOBSTER. BLOODY. MARYS!!! I don’t know about you, but a lobster tail in a vat of tomato-y vodka-y deliciousness makes my heart happy!

We wrapped the weekend up with a very very foggy boat ride up and down the river. Hell, the boat captain could have been motoring around in small circles and we would have had no idea. It was wet, foggy, and visibility was about 5-7 feet. But we had wine! And we had snacks! And we got to go to LL Bean after our wine and snacks! HORRAY for girls weekend!

Waltham Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Mama and Me

His name is Emmett. He is tiny and adorable. He did not want to miss one second of his morning photography play time. And that is A-OK with me, because this curious little fella was so happy and interactive that it was just fun to watch. I love babies… have I said that lately?

The sun poured in Emmett’s bedroom- and what a warm and colorful inviting space it is (the rug is from Wayfair!!). All the pops of color were so fun and reminded me of how much I just love bright colors. I pace out these newborn shoots so they move along slowly. Theres no need to rush, especially when it comes to babies. They’re gorgeous little unpredictable creatures.

And I wouldn’t expect it any other way!



Colby Farm Sunflowers

Visiting the Colby Farm sunflowers in Newbury, MA is a right of passage, but a definite sign that fall is rolling in. Was so happy to pop over there mid week to avoid the masses but also to take some adorable pictures of my bestie and her mini. Colby farm has been planting these sunflowers for years, and each year it draws a bigger group of people to marvel at it’s gloriousness.

It was a gorgeous warm summer morning, and we ended the day with a beach trip and ice cream of course!

Enjoy this little reminder that summer just ended.

AM <3

Senior Photos on Plum Island, MA


Senior season has returned!

I can't think of a better way to kick it of than with a killer sunset on the beach and a some adorable humans! Nicole is a senior at Georgetown High School, and her older siblings both came to cheer her on and make her laugh during this sunset photo shoot! I've known Nicole (and her siblings) since they were very very small. I might have met Nichole slightly after she was born... but that would make me a zillion years old wouldn't it? Regardless I was so flipping excited that they all showed up together. Made my heart so happy! Added bonus: some cute sibling pictures thrown into the mix! Love Love.

Fun fact about this evening: we were also SLAUGHTERED by bugs. I spent a large majority of the time screaming ow and we were running around between shots swatting the suckers away. That evening I counted 34 on my left leg alone. THIRTY FOUR! So, now when you see me I will always have a giant can of OFF bug spray in my bag. Ha.

Adventures in photo-land!

Thanks for being a trooper Nicole, I only had to toss a dozen funny pictures away of you swatting bugs! 



Sunset in Salisbury, MA

I think the magical thing about shooting at the beach is how drastic the light differences can be minute to minute and how the photographs at the start of the session can look completely different from the end. It's like two photo shoots for the price of one! HA.  

But really.

This day went from kind of overcast and grey to the most gorgeous purpley pinkish sunset. The natural ombre in some of the #aftersunset photos are so delicious to look at. I'm such a sucker for big bold colors and this beach evening did not disappoint. 

Enjoy the blues, pinks, and purples. Enjoy this adorable family and their evening of fun on the beach.




A day with the ponies at Brookvale Pines Farm NH...

Is a fine day indeed.

I love an adventure- so when I was invited to see a good friend and her horse Tucker participate in a show I grabbed my tiny human and my camera and raced to the woods! The day was humid and grey, the air as thick as a piece of cake. The dust blew in all directions and when the sun popped out of the clouds it was easily in the deep 90's. But to the stables we went- and we were not disappointed. 

Tucker is a beautiful Morgan, who loves peppermints and hates being left alone. He wails for attention-- and I kind of get it. Such a handsome fella, he needs all the loving. Like a giant four legged toddler. It was beautiful to see all these humans and their equine companions. It was marvelous to see some fancy outfits and large cowboy hats. 

Oh, New Hampshire. Always an adventure, always a pleasure.

Lifestyle photography meets horse shows. 


AM <3

Hale Memorial Park, A Love Story.

If it was possible to fall in love with a park I think I might have just done that. 

I had visited this park many years ago for an engagement photo session-- then I completely forgot about it for a while, the whole time living a stones throw away on Bromfield St.

This park is everything you'd want in a park. Small, quiet, shaded and green... and of course over looking the Merrimac river as it pours into the ocean. Just dreamy. Also side bonus: completely enclosed. Even the most crafty toddlers will have a hard time bolting out of the park into the surrounding neighborhood.

This gorgeous color coordinated family. Oh, my heart. So adorable. Also blues and greens, let me tell you. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. This was suuuuch a warm day and the girls (and parents) were complete troopers. Each little area the girls explored made for such fun beautiful pictures. Trees to climb, fountains to peek in, flowers to smell. Also, something tugs at the old heart strings every time I see sisters in matching outfits. So sweet.

If you need me I will be spending my evenings at Hale Memorial Park watching the sun filter in through the trees reading a good book. And probably sneaking a few nice cold glasses of rosé.

Enjoy this peek into this gorgeous evening!




Sunset in West Boylston, MA

Summertime in New England is precious and fleeting. It goes from being 45 and rainy one day to 95 and muggy the next. As soon as the snow melts, I think we all have such a manic need to get the heck out of our houses. Every minute of warmth on our skin counts in New England, and being able to capture these summer nights- the wind down after dinner, before bedtime where everyones feeling a little sleepy but so happy to be outside chasing the fireflies, is nothing short of magical.

Without further ado (and new to summer of 2018) I give you Sunset | Moonrise Sessions!  These sessions will go about two hours- starting around 6 pm and ending when the sunlight is done. Families will get one wardrobe change (if they wish) and these sessions get way over 100 pictures. I will continue to bring my casual laid back style of photographing your family, and you will get to hang out in your yard, on your deck, or even Amy's back yard (haa kidding.. kind of...).  Have a cocktail, unwind, and take some really dreamy family photos that capture these fleeting months... so when it's mid February and were covered in 4 feet of snow you can look to your wall and say... ugh it was so warm and yummy that night!

I actually do this all winter with pictures from our last vacation on Maui. #truestory

Mornings on Sandy Point Beach

Let me tell you about my beeest friend.....

No but really, this spring has been full of Mama/ Wyatt adventures- so happy to finally have delicious warm weather! Thought I would post some snaps of our first warm beach day of the year! We decided to get out of the house super mega early to try and get down to Sandy Point Beach on Plum Island before all the parking spots filled up! Every year I forget how long that drive is.... especially when you've got a toddler in tow. But boy oh boy was it worth it!! 

The water is was so calm, the tide pools forming all over the place. The beach is nice and flat and we could have run for hours back and forth! There were so many shells to pick up, pieces of wood to explore and climb on. Best of all, calm water. Perfect for my little toddler explorer.

So, slightly annoying long dirt road drive? Yes. Antsy toddler? Obviously. Gorgeous quiet beach day? COMPLETELY! Added bonus: bumpy dirt road ride back= instant nap! 

Enjoy beach day!


Adorably romantic West Boylston family photo shoot

Whelp. Things have been pretty busy over here in picture-land. Lots of fun stuff on deck (mini sessions | some upcoming travel dates | general chaos of life with a toddler).

I've been biting on the bit to share some of these amazing photos with you all! This back yard is simply magical. If your pals of the Drizk family, bribe them with some cold adult beverages so you can have your photos taken there too!! I'm sure they'd be easily persuaded! 


What do you get when you have a gorgeous back yard, a wild toddler who refuses to fully get dressed, and the most perfectly delightful sunny warm spring night? 

You get the most bananas adorable backyard family photo shoot.

SO bananas in fact that this is going to be a two parter!! WOOO TWO PARTER! 

Amy and I worked hard together to style this shoot. She gave me some ideas on what she'd like to wear/ colors that could work and we took a long good look at both kids wardrobes before making some outfit choices. Thank goodness for Pinterest, friends! With the ideas that mom had in mind I went to work and even shopped for Amy's clothing options- which was great! That moment that you realize you can dress other people way better than you can dress your self, is a hilarious moment.

I know this family was super excited with all the looks we put together- and even though little Mr. Grant refused to fully participate in his outfit choice, I reassured mom and dad that the pictures were going to come out completely amazing.

They totally did.

So with out further ADO- Enjoy a sneak peak at this love filled family backyard photoshoot! 

<3 am

Amesbury, MA | Newborn Lifestyle Photographs

Sometimes babies sleep through their newborn sessions. They get happily full, snuggle into their swaddle, and blissfully nap away...

Claire was not one of those babies. 

Girl did not want to miss a thing! It's almost as if she smelled the fresh flowers that I brought in and was excited to play! 

Equally as adorable was new big brother Leo wanting to jump in on the fun... at one point exclaiming "I kiss her!!" Heart melt. 

Mom and I communicated as the days got closer to the photo shoot about style, flower color, and amount of time to block out. As for most photo sessions-- especially ones that involve newborn babies, there is a large unpredictability factor. This is why I typically cut out a little more time (closer to two hours) for these newborn sessions. All said and done this session was wrapped and flowers were cleaned up in just about two hours on the nose. 

Enjoy Bartholomew family, and welcome baby Claire!

<3 am