Winter fun at Plum Island / I guess I blog now


Wyatt was at the beach was in September. It's hard to believe that he probably doesn't remember our trips to Plum Island from last summer, so bringing him back here was such a treat. We played a game called "Mama's bringing you somewhere cool!" He kept noticing glimpses of the Merrimac River on the way over and was getting excited seeing all the "wahduh" which was adorable. When we finally got to the beach he was so pumped, not for the ocean, or the beach, but the giant excavator moving rocks around trying to preserve the shore line. HA. Seems about right. When we did get past the giant piece of machinery it was amazing to watch him reacquaint himself with the ocean and the sand. I forget how blinding the sun can be at the beach, let alone in the winter where everything is so cold. We were there midmorning due to the toddler chaos of getting out of the house early. It took some careful monitoring to not have my shots be completely blown out but it was wonderful to be able to capture the moment when he stood there marveling at the waves and the ocean rolling in and out. And watching the giant excavator. And pretending driftwood was a baseball bat. Ah, Boys.