Old Friends....

New memories!

It was so good to see these little peanuts and their Mama for a little pre-easter shoot. The kids were both- well, kids. Pretty fired up and excited and completely hilarious with each other. I love the carefree dynamic with siblings, and I love when I can get adorable photos from unwilling (tiny) subjects. Photography should be a fun time- not pressure. You don't need to clean for me, or have your kids be rested and sitting waiting to smile. I followed these two nuggets around, watched them play and smile and rough house, and snapped some beautifully loving moments.

Oh! And an added bonus was their adorable new golden doodle Luna. Now, I am a total dog person and a sucker for a fluffy golden, but let me tell you- a doodle is where it is at! No shedding? Jackpot! 

Double added bonus--- I even ran into a superhero!

Enjoy the preview friends!