Senior Photos on Plum Island, MA


Senior season has returned!

I can't think of a better way to kick it of than with a killer sunset on the beach and a some adorable humans! Nicole is a senior at Georgetown High School, and her older siblings both came to cheer her on and make her laugh during this sunset photo shoot! I've known Nicole (and her siblings) since they were very very small. I might have met Nichole slightly after she was born... but that would make me a zillion years old wouldn't it? Regardless I was so flipping excited that they all showed up together. Made my heart so happy! Added bonus: some cute sibling pictures thrown into the mix! Love Love.

Fun fact about this evening: we were also SLAUGHTERED by bugs. I spent a large majority of the time screaming ow and we were running around between shots swatting the suckers away. That evening I counted 34 on my left leg alone. THIRTY FOUR! So, now when you see me I will always have a giant can of OFF bug spray in my bag. Ha.

Adventures in photo-land!

Thanks for being a trooper Nicole, I only had to toss a dozen funny pictures away of you swatting bugs!