Adorably romantic West Boylston family photo shoot

Whelp. Things have been pretty busy over here in picture-land. Lots of fun stuff on deck (mini sessions | some upcoming travel dates | general chaos of life with a toddler).

I've been biting on the bit to share some of these amazing photos with you all! This back yard is simply magical. If your pals of the Drizk family, bribe them with some cold adult beverages so you can have your photos taken there too!! I'm sure they'd be easily persuaded! 


What do you get when you have a gorgeous back yard, a wild toddler who refuses to fully get dressed, and the most perfectly delightful sunny warm spring night? 

You get the most bananas adorable backyard family photo shoot.

SO bananas in fact that this is going to be a two parter!! WOOO TWO PARTER! 

Amy and I worked hard together to style this shoot. She gave me some ideas on what she'd like to wear/ colors that could work and we took a long good look at both kids wardrobes before making some outfit choices. Thank goodness for Pinterest, friends! With the ideas that mom had in mind I went to work and even shopped for Amy's clothing options- which was great! That moment that you realize you can dress other people way better than you can dress your self, is a hilarious moment.

I know this family was super excited with all the looks we put together- and even though little Mr. Grant refused to fully participate in his outfit choice, I reassured mom and dad that the pictures were going to come out completely amazing.

They totally did.

So with out further ADO- Enjoy a sneak peak at this love filled family backyard photoshoot! 

<3 am