Newburyport Maternity Photography | Plum Island Sunset

Well well well … behind again in blogging what a surprise!

It has been a bit of a bananas time over here the past few weeks— that has resulted in the cutest and newest member of our family to be born! So now that I am not massively pregnant in 90 degree heat and humidity- I figured it was a good time to start playing catch up with some really gorgeous pictures.

First up: Baby Bump!

Fasha and Mike are expecting their first little human, a girl, later this summer- and to celebrate that exciting time we hopped out to Plum Island in Newbury, MA for a late afternoon photo shoot. The greenheads were no where to be found, the day was warm but not oppressive, and that beautiful blue ocean glow and Fasha’s gorgeous red dress were delicious to look at. I love color, oh do I love it, and these photos are just so summer in New England to me. Bright sunshine, yummy colors, and of course cute little baby bump!

Horray for summer! Horray for babies!

Congrats ahead of time Fasha and Mike, being parents is just the best!

Sweet Baby Beckett | South Boston Newborn Photography

Is it me or has this winter been particularly rough?! I am definitely excited that it hasn’t been insanely snowy, but the freezing cold is not my jam. Between that and the toddler born illnesses- I am ready for some sunshine, some heat, and a slight tan!

Well enough of my complaining and on to cuter things…

Sweet little Beckett was one of the more alert two week old babes I have encountered. Reminded me of my own little fella- always up and looking around. Didn’t want to miss a minute of what Mom and Dad were doing. He was so patient and chill through all the position and wardrobe changes- and when his parents took turns reading to him, he genuinely and happily looked along as they read. Beckett’s bedroom was the bomb, so full of light and tons of space for him to play around when he gets bigger! I hadn’t been down to South Boston in a hot minute, and I forgot how tight knit those communities are. So many fantastic resources for new families, and so many adorable little areas to explore once the snow melts!

The thing I really love about newborn sessions is the time aspect. They can fly by or, like with Mr. Beckett, we slowed down for fussy times, wardrobe changes, and to nurse. All and all, not a bad way to spend a particularly freezing Monday!

Jodi and Paul, you guys are lucky ducks. He is one adorable and chill little man!



Natick MA Lifestyle Newborn Photography | My morning with Siena

Remember how warm it was a few weeks ago? And now I am hiding under a rather large (and hand-made) Hello Kitty blanket wishing for an extra 10 degrees. Regardless, fall is winding down, the leaves are covering my yard and sweater weather is in full swing.

This glorious day was sunny, crisp and warm. The perfect fall day, really. Siena and her family were so freaking cute- Siena being the first baby in a long time to actually take a snooze during her photo shoot!
I love so much about this shoot- this family and their gorgeous light filled home, the wildly fantastic Goldendoodle Barney, and the subtle little tributes scattered throughout their home of their so beloved Golden Desmond who had recently passed away. As a Golden Retriever fanatic myself- who also lost the doggy love of her life to cancer- I felt their pain but also understood the need to sprinkle the love that they felt for this pup throughout the photos.

The morning was full of feedings, poopings, wardrobe changes, and everyones favorite wicker basket. Added bonus- A hilarious onesie via the Rick and Morty show… but you’ll just have to find that yourself!

Congrats again Cimino family. Enjoy every minute!



Waltham Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Mama and Me

His name is Emmett. He is tiny and adorable. He did not want to miss one second of his morning photography play time. And that is A-OK with me, because this curious little fella was so happy and interactive that it was just fun to watch. I love babies… have I said that lately?

The sun poured in Emmett’s bedroom- and what a warm and colorful inviting space it is (the rug is from Wayfair!!). All the pops of color were so fun and reminded me of how much I just love bright colors. I pace out these newborn shoots so they move along slowly. Theres no need to rush, especially when it comes to babies. They’re gorgeous little unpredictable creatures.

And I wouldn’t expect it any other way!



Sunday Snuggles

Sunday funday and Sunday snuggle day! Flashback to this in home newborn snuggle session with baby Natalie! I think one of my favorite parts of newborn sessions is all the little in between moments: wardrobe changes, hungry babies, excited siblings. Natalie's big sister Cora was beyond excited to be a big sister and had a very fun time showing me her sisters room and all of her tiny clothes! She was so sweet with her sister, as I am sure you will notice from the photos below!

Congrats Lester family!!