Harraseeket River Maine Photographs | September Maine Adventure

OH man… what ever did we do before AirBnb’s?! I can’t believe how many countless dollars were spent on crummy hotel rooms with windows overlooking parking lots. I can’t take credit for finding this gorgeous spot in Maine, as my friend Anna is not only an avid traveler but maybe one of the most in-depth planner I think i’ve ever known. So thank you Anna for finding this gem!

One of the key ingredients of planning a girls weekend, in my opinion, is finding a spot that is not only adorable but not one hell of a drive. Especially now having a small human to watch over - being able to go away and unplug without having to drive over three hours is maybe the most enticing part. Not that I don’t enjoy the car silence, but lets hurry up and get there already! And open up the wine! Wahoo.

Our weekend was classic Maine. Beautiful and sunny for our arrival and then foggy AF for pretty much the remainder of the weekend. The fog varied from “ooh look at that cool mist over the water” to “where the hell is the road.”

From Brunswick, we headed further north through Harpswell onto Orr’s Island… where we saw even less. We were rolling down the winding roads, which typically have gorgeous water views, and we could hardly see the houses! The end of Orr’s Island, typically a breathtaking view of the ocean was maybe visible 20 feet out. DOH. Well, it was a nice drive and a nice excuse to sing loudly to Arcade Fire. Added bonus- we found a place on the way back called Morses Cribstone Grill hat had lobster bloody marys!!! LOBSTER. BLOODY. MARYS!!! I don’t know about you, but a lobster tail in a vat of tomato-y vodka-y deliciousness makes my heart happy!

We wrapped the weekend up with a very very foggy boat ride up and down the river. Hell, the boat captain could have been motoring around in small circles and we would have had no idea. It was wet, foggy, and visibility was about 5-7 feet. But we had wine! And we had snacks! And we got to go to LL Bean after our wine and snacks! HORRAY for girls weekend!

Colby Farm Sunflowers

Visiting the Colby Farm sunflowers in Newbury, MA is a right of passage, but a definite sign that fall is rolling in. Was so happy to pop over there mid week to avoid the masses but also to take some adorable pictures of my bestie and her mini. Colby farm has been planting these sunflowers for years, and each year it draws a bigger group of people to marvel at it’s gloriousness.

It was a gorgeous warm summer morning, and we ended the day with a beach trip and ice cream of course!

Enjoy this little reminder that summer just ended.

AM <3

Abbey Weekend


Its hard to coorinate playdates these days, let alone visits to friends that live way across the state. Our group of friends has had a rough run of it the last week or so, so it's not only so nice to look back at these two maniacs hamming it up, but makes me realize how important it is to block out time to visit the ones we love! These two babies had the best time EVER at the Dover Children's Museum- and their mamas enjoyed large glasses of wine afterwards while the young ones danced and were generally mesmerized by the one we call Moana. Make way, make way, to look at adorable buddies AND get Moana songs stuck in your brain for the MILLIONTH time. 

<3 am