Georgetown and West Newbury Maternity Photography | Dillon Twins!

Oooooooooooooh twins!

There are many many people excited to see these tiny humans arrive, and the Dillon family is as prepared as any can be for the arrival of these little people. Most excitingly, and bravely in my opinion, they haven’t found out the genders. Four names people! They’ve come up with four names!! We took forever to pick Wyatt’s name, and the only reason we have a name for baby girl is because Wyatt told us to stop discussing names, told us her name, and then told everyone he knows what the babes name is. Kids, man.

Jordan looked completely gorgeous and calm for both of these shoots, an identical twin herself, she is no stranger to the amazing bond twins hold and how special it is for her to be carrying two of her own. We scheduled these two sessions about a week apart, and I swear those little babes doubled down in size between weeks! Jordan and Sean both come from wonderful family oriented homes, there is no doubt that these babies are going to be loved and cuddled and snuggled endlessly.

Congrats Dillon family, you’re almost at the finish line. Bring on the babies!!

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