Cousins are the best | Fun at White Gate Christmas Tree Farm in West Newbury, MA

I’m still feeling that holiday afterglow this week. Short work week, tree still up keeping my house all glowey. Toys absolutely everywhere. In every corner. Under the tree. Under the coffee table. Evvvverrryyywhere. I have a running to do list of people to get back to, galleries to finish, and the satisfaction of crossing those items off make me so happy. So, with out further ado: one more adorable session to cross of my list of things to blog! Waahoo!

The holidays are all about family. Seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, getting all the cousins together to cause some chaos was always one of my favorite holiday memories. We always spent Christmas Eve at my Abuelita’s in Malden- her huge 3 decker house packed full of family and food. My Abuelita was an amazing cook and her spread was always inspired by her love of all things gorgeous, and Martha Stuart of course.

When I was contacted about shooting this extended family, I was so excited- yet heard my own Mom’s words in my head… “When are you going to take the kids pictures AMANDA!” I’ll get to that later. Don’t worry, we made Mahm very happy this Christmas. So to get another request for harnessing the energy of 5 gorgeous little wildlings in photograph form, I was so pumped. Kids at Christmas. Is there anything better? These guys were beyond adorable and hilarious with each other. They cheered on their cousins during their solo shots, they ran and played and yelled and danced. It was truly one of my favorite moments of this chaotic holiday season.

So without further rambling: enjoy these sweet humans, because I sure did!