A day with the ponies at Brookvale Pines Farm NH...

Is a fine day indeed.

I love an adventure- so when I was invited to see a good friend and her horse Tucker participate in a show I grabbed my tiny human and my camera and raced to the woods! The day was humid and grey, the air as thick as a piece of cake. The dust blew in all directions and when the sun popped out of the clouds it was easily in the deep 90's. But to the stables we went- and we were not disappointed. 

Tucker is a beautiful Morgan, who loves peppermints and hates being left alone. He wails for attention-- and I kind of get it. Such a handsome fella, he needs all the loving. Like a giant four legged toddler. It was beautiful to see all these humans and their equine companions. It was marvelous to see some fancy outfits and large cowboy hats. 

Oh, New Hampshire. Always an adventure, always a pleasure.

Lifestyle photography meets horse shows. 


AM <3