Sunset in West Boylston, MA

Summertime in New England is precious and fleeting. It goes from being 45 and rainy one day to 95 and muggy the next. As soon as the snow melts, I think we all have such a manic need to get the heck out of our houses. Every minute of warmth on our skin counts in New England, and being able to capture these summer nights- the wind down after dinner, before bedtime where everyones feeling a little sleepy but so happy to be outside chasing the fireflies, is nothing short of magical.

Without further ado (and new to summer of 2018) I give you Sunset | Moonrise Sessions!  These sessions will go about two hours- starting around 6 pm and ending when the sunlight is done. Families will get one wardrobe change (if they wish) and these sessions get way over 100 pictures. I will continue to bring my casual laid back style of photographing your family, and you will get to hang out in your yard, on your deck, or even Amy's back yard (haa kidding.. kind of...).  Have a cocktail, unwind, and take some really dreamy family photos that capture these fleeting months... so when it's mid February and were covered in 4 feet of snow you can look to your wall and say... ugh it was so warm and yummy that night!

I actually do this all winter with pictures from our last vacation on Maui. #truestory