Mornings on Sandy Point Beach

Let me tell you about my beeest friend.....

No but really, this spring has been full of Mama/ Wyatt adventures- so happy to finally have delicious warm weather! Thought I would post some snaps of our first warm beach day of the year! We decided to get out of the house super mega early to try and get down to Sandy Point Beach on Plum Island before all the parking spots filled up! Every year I forget how long that drive is.... especially when you've got a toddler in tow. But boy oh boy was it worth it!! 

The water is was so calm, the tide pools forming all over the place. The beach is nice and flat and we could have run for hours back and forth! There were so many shells to pick up, pieces of wood to explore and climb on. Best of all, calm water. Perfect for my little toddler explorer.

So, slightly annoying long dirt road drive? Yes. Antsy toddler? Obviously. Gorgeous quiet beach day? COMPLETELY! Added bonus: bumpy dirt road ride back= instant nap! 

Enjoy beach day!