First Communion | Lifestyle Home Photography | Groveland, MA

Nothing tugs at the ole' heartstrings like a little girl twirling in a beautiful dress, let alone a gorgeous fluffy First Communion gown. This little sweet pea was so excited, and for good reasons. The whole home was a buzz in preperation for this touching and heart felt occasion, which made it easy to capture the overwhelming love shared by this family.

It was hard to not go overboard capturing the beautiful details of this amazingly special dress. Between the little pearl studded flowers and button details and her veil. Oh, the veil. So delicate and timeless- not to mention the amazing natural highlights that a child of 8 has. 

Also, the adorable love between these two siblings shines through in these pictures. Genuine beautiful effortless connections. Sigh. What a heart-full way to start a week, in my opinion!